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KM Singapore 2013

The 2013 conference theme seeks to reinforce the national agenda for workers and organisations to develop a higher productivity mindset in Singapore. iKMS’s belief is that knowledge management is critical to improving productivity in organisations, and this can be addressed at the individual, team and organisational levels. Knowledge skills, attitudes and behaviours at these levels will strengthen competitive advantage, and progressively reduce the reliance on manpower resources.The highlights for this year’s event are:
 Pre-conference ½ day KM Seminar on Social Media Applications at Nanyang Technological University on 2nd Oct 2013. Free admission to current university registered students and faculty, and registered conference participants will also be invited to attend. The session will conclude with a summary presentation by Prof. Leo Fredericks on “Aligning KM Best Practices with the Science of KM”, commissioned by iKMS. The complete report will be accessible to iKMS members after the Conference. 
A Special Event Breakfast for Senior Executives from iKMS corporate membership base on 2nd Oct 2013. During this 90-min session, Tom Stewart, Chief Marketing and Knowledge Officer (CMKO), Booz & Company, author and ex-editor of the Harvard Business Review will deliver a short 30 minute summary presentation on “Knowledge and Strategy: Implications for Productivity”.
 Four Pre-Conference Masterclasses on 2nd Oct 2013 by KM Experts, on KM Strategy (Tom Stewart), Identifying and Transferring Critical Knowledge (Carla Sapsford Newman), Social Media (Michelle Lambert) and Team Knowledge Sharing (Karuna Ramanathan). 
 KM Singapore 2013 Networking Event on 3rd Oct 2013, bringing practitioners, academics and students together. 
 Keynotes, Presentations and Round Table Discussions on a range of current and future KM topics of interest by leading practitioners from Singapore and across the region. 

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